Adidas Cross It Ctrl Padel Racket 2024

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Control reaches new dimensions with this new Adidas Cross It Ctrl Padel Racket 2024. A new way of understanding padel, a new way of controlling the court. A padel racket for players who make a difference through control.

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 01/08/2024 - 08/08/2024

Control reaches new dimensions with this new Adidas Cross It Ctrl Padel Racket 2024. The Dynamic Air Flow technology incorporates the study of aerodynamics into the world of padel in this racket designed for professional-level players. Its design optimizes air flow to reduce resistance in shots. The Extra Power Grip consists of a longer grip, which shifts the balance to the top to gain power in the attacking game. Innovation doesn't stop there. The arrangement of 11 Thirteen holes, smaller holes in the center of the head, provides durability and power. The combination of Aluminized 15K carbon fiber and Eva High Memory, of higher density, acts as a power engine in every shot. This racket is your ticket to the next level in padel.

Dynamic Air Flow: The DAF technology allows for greater airflow in the core area while playing shots. The reduced air resistance results in better handling.

Extra Long Grip: The longer grip means the mass of the racket is closer to the head, shifting the sweet spot higher up.

HIGH MEMORY: High density EVA rubber that increases power on high speed shots. Suitable for players with a higher technical level.

CARBON ALUMINIZED 15k: Aluminised 15k carbon fiber, with braided carbon fiber filaments that provide more flexibility than the previous ones but great resistance and rigidity. With optimised flexibility thanks to its aluminised treatment.

Spin Blade Mold: Roughness with 3D relief inserted in the mould of the racket that increases the grip and boosts the generation of spin on shots.

11 Thirteen: Innovative arrangement of the holes on the racket with a smaller diameter in the center, providing greater rigidity, durability, and power to the racket.

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